I cannot recall anyone who has ever accomplished a great feat without a team of people behind them. There may be images of powerful men standing alone on top of mountains, but even that begs the question “who is holding the camera?”

While I am going on this journey of hiking The Appalachian Trail without a fellow human companion (I am going with my trusted sidekick and adventure pup Leo) I will not be doing it without a team of people helping me. 

One of the things I like most about myself (and yes I think its not only okay to say what you like about yourself but it wonderfully empowering to declare it–liking yourself is awesome by the way) is that through my rootless wanderings in life I have developed a large, eclectic, and engaged support network. People who check in on me to make sure I’m still vagabonding my way around and accept me when I sporadically come whirling into their stable lives. I have a lot of Type A and Introverts in my life and I delight in their stability and strength as I hope they appreciate my somewhat disruptive qualities. 

I literally won’t be able to get through the biggest challenge I have undertaken without your support. I committed to take photos, write posts and make updates on my whereabouts to make this adventure all capabilities inclusive. Even if you can’t physically be on the trail it doesn’t mean you aren’t along for the adventure. 

How can you help? Re-supply is key to keeping us going. Leo and I will need supply boxes. I made a re-supply location list where y’all can sign up to be my point of contact for that location. I can try to let you know in advance the kind of food and supplies we are in need of to have you send along the trail. On the list I have tried to best guesstimate when I will arrive there. This is a best guess. I will keep y’all updated if it becomes way off. The goal would be to have the supplies arrive a day or two before I do for quick pick up. If you see a location without a name that means I have no point of contact for that location and you can sign up if resupply boxes sound fun to you. The box can range from iodine tablets to freeze dried food to homemade cookies. I’ll let you know what is most needed to keep going.

Here is the list:

>>>>>>Re-Supply Location List<<<<<<
Maybe you are like me and enjoy helping, supporting, letting people know you are rooting for them but signing up for things and remembering you signed up to help isn’t your strong suit there are lots of other ways to help. You can mail postcards with words of encouragement along the way, when the mood hits you (minimal preplanning required). Check the mailing locations and send a note to keep me going. 
There are also a lot of costs along the way. I bought the best gear that I could afford, however gear still wears out and gives up on life on this kind of epic adventure. Replacing gear as it gives out is costly. I will be hiking through three different seasons so there will need to be a couple different wardrobe changes. I will mostly likely go through 6-8 pairs of shoes. There are also some permit fees along the way. 

While exilerating to be out in nature, separated from the normalcies of modern life, it can also be exhausting to be out in nature separated from the normalcies of life.

So, if you to want to help keep us motivated by treating to a night in a hostel, a couple of cold beers, a hot meal, treats for Leo, ice cream, laundry, warm shower, or just some general R&R there are a couple ways.

I’m on Venmo. As my friend if reading about me slogging through non-stop rains for a few days makes you want to treat to a dog friendly hostel, we will be externally grateful. In the heat of summer you get over-heated reading about our mileage has you wanting to buy me a couple of cold beers, that’d be delightful. Leo is the best pup. He’s better when my friends are bribing him with treats. You can tell me what you want to treat and I will tag you in posts showing our delight.  I want this to be fun and healing time not just some kind of slogging punishment. Treating my friends, having friends treat me has always made every adventure more fun. This time the way I treat is to tell you stories, share images, and bring you along an adventure. The way you treat can be helping me wash my blood, sweat, mud, bug spray stained clothes every other week. 

If you aren’t hip to Venmo yet here is a PayPal Link.  If you aren’t hip to either… grandma style cards are always welcome .) 

You have read through my babbling about how to help because you are my friend. I appreciate you. Thank you for looking out for us and I’m glad you are on this journey with us.