Drishti is the gaze or focal point. Where we focus our gaze is where our attention and energy naturally flows.

A little after 3am on August 14th 2016 my drishti forever shifted. As I was walking up the stairs to my apartment I was pulled backwards and entered into a fight for my life. My attacker stabbed me multiple times, one of which was into my right eye. My doctor described my eye as having been “filleted” open. While he was able to stitch my eye back together, I am now blind in my right eye.

There were months of slow recovery. Friends let me stay with them, drove me to endless doctor appointments, they showed up in droves my first time I got back up to a karaoke mic, they got on their yoga mats next to me when my practice looks little more than a nap interrupted with disjointed movements, and they held me up when I was weak.

I eventually found myself living in a 1981 Dodge Trans Van. I slowly lumbered across the country and into the Western Desert. There I was able to start a different kind of healing. A rebuilding. When a house is knocked down you can rebuild it, but it never looks exactly the same. Despite your best efforts something is just never quite the same. However, the house is now stronger. It has re-enforcements where there were none. It is now made to weather the storm. That’s what this time wandering slowly around America with my puppy was for me. A re-enforcing, a re-building. Knowing that while fundamentally I’m still me– still delighted by pelicans, still happy to do my best Chris Farley impression, and still ready to have a heated debate about… oh, anything— but now I’m re-built just somewhat different. Different isn’t bad. Not being exactly the same isn’t bad. Having your vision of yourself and the world shifted can lead to bigger and grander potential than was previously available.

My journey now takes it’s next step. Well, 5 million next steps. The focus. Where my energy flows, is on hiking from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin Maine.

The Appalachian Trail.

Let’s do this.