You gotta have a first day of school photo, in your 30s, right…?


This week I started my Organic Farmer Training Program at Michigan State University. I have quite a few friends who have expressed an interest in organic farming, but they have jobs, money and security so they have decided that farming is not for them.

Since I have none of that I figured I could document the experience to include my buddies in this learning journey.

Winter Spinach right out of the ground is so yummy. I know all the food adjectives to describe fresh food- yummy, yum, yums.

This week was all the first day stuff that you normally do. Tour the facilities, although we were able to try some winter spinach as we checked out the different hoop houses and it was delicious. Nice reminder out the gate how good fresh food.

Learning the layout of the Student Organic Farm.

As a slow reader I have been chipping away at the reading list for months and I’m just barely on track with it. Staying on top of the reading will most likely be one of my biggest challenges. The other is socializing and chatting in general. Meeting lots of  new people creates fun times with crippling anxiety.

After our first day on the farm we went to our instructor’s house for a taco dinner. It was a great opportunity to get to know my fellow classmates. However, at one point I was sitting and chatting with 4 of my classmates. All four were in agreement how much they like quiet and aren’t in general chatters. Which means I took that as a cue to start talking in rapid fire mode where I ask questions then answer them, hold little space for others to chime in, and use Dutch words then translate them to English. My cheeks were also on fire, bright red, and took two full days to level back out.

Checking out the kale in the Hoop House. Difference between a Green House and a Hoop House? A Green House is heated and a Hoop House is unheated.
Top Cat. The sweetest, neediest farm cat I have ever met.

So, yeah. Socializing. Nailed it.



I’m way too excited for next week and learning berry pruning. Y’all’s Sexy Unicorn (aka No Chill) is on her way to being an organic farmer.


Checking out the apples in the cooler.
Learning to prune. Just a natural.


Pete asked me to take his photo to document his first day as a farmer.