New Jersey and New York flew by. After crossing the Delaware Water Gap I partnered up with a fellow Thru Hiker, Jellybean, that I have known more or less from the beginning. However, we had never hiked together. She was looking for a change in hiking partner and we needed someone to keep us motivated after the death march that was Pennsylvania. New Jersey for the most part was pretty chill. The highlight was at High Point State Park they give thru hikers a free can of Pepsi. Everyone in your radius gathers there so happy for a free pop. The crossing into New York was rough and rarely spoken of there were some scrambles and slick rocks. After about 20 or 30 miles it calmed down and became some reasonable hiking again. 

In New Jersey my belt buckle broken when a little pup decided to try and chase a bunny rabbit. He finally broke free and the. Didn’t know what to do. Leo just stared at me as I stared at my broken belt buckle. I called Osprey Packs right away. They were going to be able to get it to me right away so we scheduled it to be sent to me in Kent, CT. However, when I got to CT my new buckle wasn’t here and they said I’m not in the system. Hmmmmm… the only reason it’s a big deal is it means instead of my hips supporting the bulk of the weight from my pack my shoulders have been supporting all of it. 

We have been hiking in the Mid Atlantic Region since mid-May. Very excited to finally be in New England, the most talked about and loved section of the A.T. Let’s rock and roll.