Pennsylvania was rough for me. This is where the metal aspect of the trail was really challenged. People always talk about the ends GA/NC/TN and VT/NH/ME, the Virginia Blues, and Rocksylvania and barely mention the other states. Rocks are my real weak point out here. I can do ups and downs push through the every other day of rain. But rocks. Ohh, boy. I don’t have depth perception, in the last year I have really become a shuffle walker, and I don’t have the worlds best balance. I enjoyed the ripe raspberries and… this wasn’t a fun state. I would honestly tell someone if they aren’t going for a pure thru hike skip it. There are hardly any views. My mom requested pictures of the views to be posted on my Instagram and I didn’t really have anything to offer her. There was occasionally an opening looking over some farm lbs or industrial waste sight. 

I had a panic attack on “Knife’s Edge”. A complete breakdown that I had to hike 12 miles after to get into the nearest town and take an unplanned day off to recover. I tried in one of the many unnecessary sharp spear like field of rocks and cracked my head and gonna have year another badass scar.

I guess this is the point of the trail right? To be pushed to find your edge and give yourself slack when you need it. I think so much of the trail is mental and I was pushed to my edge and still made it through. Bye PA. I won’t miss ya. NJ let’s see whatcha got. 

Crossing the border-hike on the turnpike
Post fall. Using my phone to check the damage.
Mid panic attack
Typical PA hiking.
Rare view
Hikers waiting out the rain
The one good thing about this chunk. Wild Raspberries
Why? Why a field of rocks?