The Grayson Highlands are the only place so far on the Appalachian Trail that I would like to come back to and spend more time here. Beautiful and open balsa filled with wild ponies.

I don’t know much about wild ponies and their behavior. Shortly after the photo above these three ponies came after Leo. They had their heads down low and were just walking towards him. Leo was too scared to bark and I didn’t know what to do so we just kept backing up. The more we backed up the more the ponies were coming towards Leo. In panick and fear of my puppy being kicked by a pony I grabbed Leo by the handle on this backpack and started running away. The ponies started a gentle Trot following us up the mountain. I shouted, “back off ponies! We don’t want any trouble!” I showed how tough I am in the face of ponies. 

Oh, and we passed the 500 mile mark.