Damascus is kinda THE Appalachian Trail town. They have a huge festival called “Trail Days”. However, someone in the town must have a bee in their bonnet about hikers. There has apparently been a no camping ordinance in place since the 80s but has only recently been enforced. This has the hoste owners in upheaval. 

The town also has a rail-to-trail bike path that goes through town- Creeper Trail. There seems to be a push towards becoming more of a cycling town. I didn’t take this push as personally as many other hikers. Hikers are far trashier than cyclists. They spend less money at spots, and seem to have a higher theiving rate.

I just follow white blazes. Those are the mArkers for the Appalachian Trail. Leaving Damascus I didn’t know it was common practice for hikers to throw out the “pass every white blaze” rule of thru hikers and instead take the Creeper Trail (bike path) to skip some miles and more importantly some steep climbs. Leo and I took the AT. We held true to the Appalachian Trail. Hopefully she stays true to us.