The phrase “hike your own hike” is used a lot out here. The idea of worry about yourself and do your own thing. A lot of hikers have mixed feelings about the phrase because it is quite often used to bully other hikers. If someone is being loud and keeping an entire campsite up they’ll tell those being kept up to “hike your own hike”. In place of “FU”. 

The other day I was at a hostel waiting out a snow storm. One of the guys at the hostel is an ultra marathoner who at mile 393 had hiked 17 days and taken 18 zeros. In the middle of our small talk he looked at his phone and his mood abruptly changed. He had already paid for the night, but asked for the owner of the hostel to immediately take him back to the trail. He was going to hike out that night. 

He had been holding up for a girl and she had sent him a text to go on. Explaining that she felt it was time for them both to “hike our own hikes.” 

All the ways I had seen that phrase used that was the first I had seen it used to say, “I’m not that into you.” I keep wondering if that phrase will work for me in my post-trail life the way that girl used it. Presumably I’ll start dating again at some point. I see myself in a beginner improv class in a mid-size city in he middle of the country. Make out with one my classmates after we all hang out one night. Then when he asks which level 2 I’ll be signing up for I just look past him and utter, “I think it’s time you hike your own hike.”

I’m sure he’ll get the hint…