The other day as Leo and passed over grassy balds the wind gusts were over 80 mph. This is the most exposed stretch we have experienced so far on the trail. I have been waiting for there be a stretch like this where we would be able to see mountains for ages. Unfortunately the timing came with scary wind speeds. 

We were trapped in a situation where we had to keep moving forward. There was no safe space for us unless we could get 6 miles ahead to a big red barn. Everywhere behind us was just as exposed.

We had to move.

As one other thru hiker passed us, with his nose down, trying to keep his face from being torn off by the wind he hollered; “HAVING FUN?!” 

I didn’t even look at him as I shouted back


Right before reaching the shelter one of my trekking poles officially broke. 

We were broken.

We trudged on and made it to the barn. It was our shortest day yet, with only 6 miles of hiking. However, it was more exhausting than many days that were 3 times as long. As we laid in the barn I was thankful to have gotten through the scariest hike we have had. I thought about how often we have to push through challenges and danger to get to safety. 

After my attack many people, who love me, wanted to keep safe. They didn’t want me to go alone anywhere and to stay in when its dark. For me the goal is always to be safe, I feel that’s most people’s goal. However, sometimes we are in a spot where the only thing we can do is stay on our feet and push through. Safety will be on the other side. You have to make the decision if you will make it there or give up.