It is storming today. Not just a little rain. Nah. 


Leo and I were approaching more or less the last kind of real stop you can make for about a week. I had been calling the Top of Georgia Hostel for a few days desperate for a bed. I finally reached them yesterday and they informed me that the hostel was sold out for the storm. 

I wanted to let Leo have a break and I was disgustingly dirty and in desperate need of a shower. Even though I knew we couldn’t stay at the hostel I walked to it, because… well I didn’t know what else to do. Once I was there I just started crying. The idea of moving on in this storm felt like it’d be too much. We haven’t had a break this past week and we just needed a moment of rest. 

We have received so much advice but little help on the trail it was amazing to find someone create some true Trail Magic for us. Someone gave up their spot in the bunks so we could stay. 

I’m really grateful for this opportunity to recharge our batteries. We just needed a break and someone gave it to us. 

Thankful for the help.