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March 2017

Day Four. After the Storm

There was a beyond epic storm last night. The REI Passage 2 was no competition for the winds. My tent collapsed in on itself last night and my body held it up during the storm. 

Fortunately I received a surprise care package from my friend Rubi with Peanut Butter Rice Krispie treats and have a VHS cover with NKOTB. Little things are what I need for some pick me ups along the way. 

If you want to send anything refer to the mailing list. Just give me a heads up so I know to look for it. 

I can’t find a way to show that we are “sleeping” at an angle. We arrived too late to be able to get a campsite today. Leo was too tired to go on. So I set up our tent on the side of a hill. Leo is fast asleep on a yoga a mat. However, me on my sleeping pat keeps sliding to the bottom of the tent till I’m balled up. My sleeping bag has had to be unzipped as that made it impossible to stay put. 

Everyone who showed up as late as me went and got hotel rooms at a budget inn nearby. We are broke so as this storm barrels in we will sleep on the side of the mountain and we’ll rest wherever we slide to. #nailedit

Keep moving Day 3

Today Leo and I made it over the top of the tallest Mountain on the Appalachian Trail, in Georgia- Blood Mountain. We are pretty proud of ourselves. 

Day 2 

Laying around in my tent naked, taking in the view, sucking out of my camelbak of water as if it’s a hooka, and slathered in coconut oil–which will make me tastier to bears or crunchy yoga type dudes. Whichever one walks up first.

Today was a lot of up, then straight down, then right back up. I walked a couple miles past the campsite because I just could bare to stop hiking after only 9 miles. 

Fortunately there are some fellow Norhern Michiganders camped out at this spot as well. 

Don’t worry they camped out on the side where my flap is zippered shut. So, they aren’t getting the full view. 

Let’s Do This!

Page Turn

The last few days leading up to an epic adventure are always… weird.

I don’t really have a better word to describe them. You’ve prepped and prepared, but now you are second guessing do you have all you need? Is your body ready? Is your mind? If you forgot something will it be make or break or will it be a 5 minute quick fix down the road? Have you done enough?

You have said a bunch of good-byes, but you aren’t officially on your way. You are gone, but still kind of around.

Things are still normal, however its looming over you that soon they won’t be. Yet when you return to this version of normal that you know it will no longer be normal. So, do you enjoy it? Do you indulge in little luxuries? Do you want to return to this version of normal or will it be time to find a new normal when this journey is done?

I always just feel weird at these junctures in life where I am so clearly closing out a chapter of life and I only have a hazy idea of what the next chapter looks like.

I guess I’m nervous-ish. I think most nerves come from being told how nervous or scared people are for me. I have been told about countless people who quit, fell ill or were hurt along the way and ultimately failed. But it doesn’t really rake up any nerves in me. I think my “nerves” come from the expectation to be nervous. 

I’m excited. I love adventures. Exploring is my jam. And stepping outside my comfort zone and rolling the dice on myself has become my new favorite past time.

I’m ready to go. I’m ready to sleep in my tent night after night. I’m ready to carry a weeks worth of food with me and filter my water. I’m ready to walk mile after mile through a green tunnel. I’m ready to curse at the sky as rain falls down. I’m ready to stink of sweat and bug spray. I’m ready to meet fellow hikers and hear their tales. I’m ready to connect with myself and get to know Mother Nature a little better.

For now. I sit in weird. This in between. This page turn on life.

Upper Manistee River Trail

We’ve been looking for a trail marker. We found it on the tree blocking our path. 

Extraordinary Life

My birthday is as good of a day as any to say that on March 28th my mom is going to drop me off at Springer Mountain Georgia. With some grit, determination and a lot of luck 6 months later she’ll pick me up at Baxter State Park in Maine. The Appalachian Trail, 2200 miles. Hiking it from end to end in one go is a completely extraordinary thing that ordinary people do every year. Only 20% of people who set off in the task finish it. And of those people around 29% of them are women. 

I’m hiking for myself and for the women I know (and have yet to know) who have been affected by violence. Who have been told they could have stopped it. They could have behaved better. They shouldn’t dwell on it. Get over it. Who are told they should feel lucky that it wasn’t worse. Told how to heal.

Survivors are powerful, but that doesn’t mean they always remember that. Self doubt is real. The coulda, woulda, shoulda voices can be consuming. The piecing together of who am I now takes time and sometimes feels like it’ll never be pieced together just right. 

Sometimes this swirling of inner dialogue and external “friendly advice” givers deafen the one thing you really need to hear, you are extraordinary. You are. Really. 

You are a totally ordinary person but you have endured life and that is extraordinary. 

We all have greatness.

Sometimes we just need a nudge to remember. 

I’m a survivor. I’m a woman. I’m extraordinary. I’m excited to go on this journey. And if I’m honest a little terrified. The more I learn about the trail the more I know this will be no easy feat. That makes it all the more worth it, extraordinary is never easy. 

You are invited to come along. You can join me for a stretch of the trail. Or come along via the digital age of social media updates. Either way you are invited. This journey is inclusive to all capabilities. The adventure is for everyone. 

I know that I’m not going to be able to do this completely alone. Your support will keep me motivated and guided. It’s helped me through the toughest of times and I know not to shirk the loving support of my awesome friend network. 

You can save the “BE SAFE!”s. Understand that my goal every day is to be safe- safety is sexy. Anything great will have some risks, that’s called living life. However, that said, some “HAVE FUN”s would be greatly appreciated. 

Y’all I’m excited! 

Let’s do this! 




Teamwork on North Country Trail



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